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Take the Pets to the People

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Animal Rescue Partnerships make good business. 

In a continuing partnership with Haywood Mall, Let’em Live Upstate Coalition Rescues came together on Sept 13th to save the lives of over 24 animals in an adoption event that took place in this Upstate SC shopping complex.  The event took months of planning and sorting legalities to commence into this joyous occasion that has been described as “historical and productive”.

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The rescues that participated had lots of positive things to say.
“The only reason we didn’t have more adoptions is because we didn’t have more animals to bring out!” came from Jennifer with Abby’s Animal Angels.  Volunteers with Foster Paws Rescue went and collected more cats from another adoption location to bring on-site because of the successful placement of so many cats and kittens. Also involved in the event was Day Before the Rainbow, Concerned Citizens for Animals, and Pet Tender Angels. “I am so glad that we can partner together, in spite of the fact that we all ‘do rescue’ differently!”, said Taryn with Day Before the Rainbow.


Click Here: Video clip from the event 

This event falls right in line with Let’em Live Upstate’s effort to implement the No Kill Equation in the area. Off site adoption events in businesses bring the pets to the people while educating the public on the needs of the animal rescue community.  As more businesses, individuals, and rescues band together, they create a united front against the mistreatment of animals on the streets and the killing of shelter pets. To find out more info about how to get involved; join us at one of the LLU Town Meetings, email letemliveupstate@gmail.com, or visit the LLU facebook page.

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