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Bringing Hope to the Flood Animals

Recently, Hurricane Matthew ripped through Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas causing terrible damage and rising flood waters. Most of the Carolinas’ coast was swallowed up by the storm surge. This displaced many families. Some families were unable to evacuate with their beloved pets, leaving them behind. Not to mention the countless amounts of stray animals that ended up having to swim for days just to survive.

After a cry for help from the coast, we went all in to help their shelter in any way we could. We rented a large cargo van and received many gracious donations from our community to take down to their shelter. Upon arrival, we noticed that the conditions were much worse than expected. The Marion County animal shelter flooded with about 2-3 feet of water and were at 200 % capacity. They had to move to another facility (an old warehouse) to store the dogs and cats that were continuously being brought in. We helped build kennels, clean lots of poop, gather medical supplies, and much more. It was a very long day full of helping animals and we loved every second of it!

We want to say thank you for any inquiries on how you can help the animals misplaced by the floods. At this time, we did bring a few dogs and cats back with us. They will be cared for by a rescue that is in our Coalition. As for fostering, there are no need for fostering small dogs as they only have large dogs and cats available for foster. They do have locations down in Marion County where they are relocating farm animals. Due to the State of Emergency regulation, flood animals need to stay in the area they were found for 45 days in order for their families to find them. So, we are trying to get current shelter guests out to the rescues to make room for the shelter to house the county’s pets rescued from the flood. We are also partnering with SamsaBeds to bring shelter pets great quality and comfortable beds while they wait for their furever home!  

To see our album from our visit, click HERE

For our supporters that are interested in fostering, email letemliveupstate@gmail.com.

The current needs for the Marion County Animal Shelter are as follows: microwave, heating pads, Printer/Copier,  a refrigerator, and funds for medical needs and supplies. Some animals are coming into the shelter exhausted from swimming in water for days. They are dehydrated and infected. The shelter does not have a vet available to meet these immediate medical needs for their animals so their are being transport to a nearby veterinary facilities which could be costly. Any other items will be greatly appreciated!

To watch a detailed video recapping our visit, click HERE!

We want to say thank you so very much for your support for these animals and Marion County community in general! I know they really felt the love from the Upstate. To keep up-to-date on our latest projects, follow Let’em Live Upstate on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LetemLiveUpstate and Saved by the Heart on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savedbytheheart/.