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More Time for Two – An LLU Success Story

Hi! My name is Two – And I’m a Help Desk Success!!!

Here’s my Story


My Human Mom and I have been together for 12 years, ever since I was a pup.  She raised me, cared for me, and trained me up to be a good boy.  We’d been living in our current location for a year but the landlord suddenly said “no pits on the property” so mom tried to find somewhere for me to go.  The only place that would take me was called Animal Care in Greenville and they let mom know that my life could be in jeopardy because this is NOT a no-kill facility. So mom turned me over to their care on Sept 12, 2015 but she signed a piece of paper that said if I was in danger of being killed, she would be contacted.

The shelter is a scary place, especially without mom there to tell me everything was going to be okay.  They tried to give me my shots to keep me healthy but I didn’t understand that they weren’t trying to hurt me.  I was distracted by all the loud sounds and barking plus the place smells funny and sometimes burns my nose.  I’m used to being comfy and snuggling with mom but now she is sad at home and I’m stuck in here.  Nice people come by occasionally but their time is divided between so many of us.

Little did I know, Mom had made a phone call that would save my life. You see, the shelter called my mom 2 days later to tell her that I wasn’t safe there, that me being scared made me act in a way I never have. So mom started searching for help and got a lady on the phone. That lady spread the word about me to all her friends and the next thing I know I’m out of the shelter on my way to a new home…just in the nick of time.

I was lucky cause the lady my mom called was an animal rescuer and even though she couldn’t take me, she told all her rescue friends and they spread the word to their friends.  My New mom Brenda heard about me and the rest is history. Now I’m comfy on the couch.


Moral of the story, pets don’t ever belong in a shelter but it happens for lots of reasons. It’s scary, confusing, and uncomfortable but if we work together, you can save more pets like me.  Thanks for giving me more time to live life!

Lots of Love – Two