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Lost and Found Pets – July 4th Announcement


Fireworks: They are pretty to you, but to your dogs, cats, and other pets, it’s a nuclear bomb and they will do anything to escape. Our local shelters will take in thousands of missing pets next week. Take precautions! Visit your local shelter or low-cost clinic to get all of your pets microchipped now. (Only $10 at Greenville County Lost & Found Animals) Then take action to make sure your cats and dogs are secure and distracted from all the noise.
If you find a lost pet, take them veterinarian office to be scanned for a microchip before taking them to shelter. Reducing shelter intake helps save the lives of those in there.
Here are more tips…
If you lose a pet:
If you find a pet: http://www.humanesociety.org/…/t…/what_to_do_stray_pet.html…
Lost and Found pets in Upstate SC:
Share this so that others will be educated. Knowledge is power and TOGETHER…we can make a difference!!!