Let'em Live Upstate



Hey Everyone and Welcome to Let’em Live Upstate!

We are compiled of experts in many fields including veterinarians, founders/directors of successful nonprofit organizations, marketing/fundraising professionals, trainers, business owners, and concerned citizens.

Our mission is to create a no-kill Upstate, SC by forming a united front with grass-roots rescues and our municipal shelters. We are building the Let’em Live Upstate Resource Center to fill the need for a safety net for pets of Upstate SC.

No Kill is defined has a facility or area having a live release rate of ALL animals at 90% or higher.

We work with animal care facilities in the state of South Carolina helping them to save more than 90% of the animals that enter their facility and give the animals the chances they deserve.

We will be implementing the practices in the No Kill Equation along with proven programs to end the Upstate’s unnecessary killing of companion animals.  This revolution will not only save the lives of animals but will also improve the quality of life for people in the area and save taxpayers’ money. The existing No Kill successes prove that there is enough love and compassion in every community to overcome the irresponsibility of the few. We can all benefit physically, economically, and morally by getting involved.


7 thoughts on “HOME

  1. This is going to be a great thing. Saving our animals is very important to all of us.


  2. Hi Jessica,

    We met before thru Diana R. I have been in contact with Shelly Simmons at Animal Control. I think GCACS would be well served to offer TNR workshops there. I still need to contact the woman’s number she gave me to discuss this. If we want to see this Greenville County TNR program that we have all worked hard at succeed, then I think people who are behind TNR will need to offer some help in the beginning. I am not on Facebook. Think you could ask if any TNR people would be willing to help with workshops? If we spread it out among many of us, then no pressure. Just would like to train others who have never trapped before and train others (maybe) who would like to lead a workshop. Details will need to be worked out at GCACS.
    Ellen Zinsser

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  3. I think this is a wonderful thing


  4. I have for the past 8 years taken in animals off the streets, provided all of their vetting and medical out of pocket& and had many successful adoptions. I am not a rescue or 501c3. I have worked with several rescues and fostered many cats/kittens. I would love to be more info I rd with this group.

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